Blabbelon was founded in 2008 with a mission to create high quality products that enhance the casual gaming experience.

Ed - Founder

firefox Ed Ikeguchi is a World of Warcraft addict who believes the first step in recovery is to admit you have a problem. He swears by just "one last drink." Beyond gaming he's a technology geek who loves to stay up all night, wake up past noon, play video games, jam on the electric guitar, rinse and repeat. Ed is a native New Yorker, and can occassionally be seen eating at Reuben's Empanada or riding his bicycle alongside the Hudson River with his toy yorkie in a basket. Ed got his M.D. from Columbia University and has an impressive resume with many pages of irrelevant awards.

Weng - Co-Founder

firefox Weng is the company disciplinarian, organizer and administrator. She makes sure we start on time, finish on time, stay within budget, and deliver high quality products. Her favorite past time is to sleep. When she awakens, she likes to bark out orders, then goes back to sleep. She is a night owl and do her best work after midnight. Weng has many years experience in pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and holds two degrees in both biology and art history. She's a passionate photographer and pianist.



Design and Development

Pat Marconett - Unique Artist, Visionary

firefox Pat Marconette is an artist with both right and left-brain skills. Not only does he live in a world of strange purple monsters juggling ski boots, but he also has the ability to say things like, game salad programming and iOS. Pat has a voracious appetite to learn cool new things and his artwork is always cutting edge. Pat works long hours along side his mentor and cat, Gizmo, who sits on his keyboard and whispers new game ideas into his ear.

James Henderson - Voice Software Lead & Vocalist

firefox James Henderson thinks a lot about voice. Not only is he in charge of developing Blabbelon's voice software, but he's also lead vocalist for a great band, Light Pilots. James has a background as a rocket scientist with a degree in Astrophysics. He makes iPhone apps and plays Blues music in his spare time. He has a strong English accent when speaking.


Ruth Bandong - Digital Media & Content Lead

firefox Ruth Bandong likes to sit and stare in front of the computer. She's a professional dreamer, she's attempting to play the guitar and hope to one day play the accordion. She excels at lounging and an expert coffee maker!