Who we are

Blabbelon is a free, push-to-talk, private Voice over IP service that helps people gather and communicate using Skype’s SILK codec for high definition voice quality. Requiring no software downloads and running through a Web browser, Blabbelon is a multi-platform service that is ideal for a wide range of voice needs. Blabbelon is a privately-held company, headquartered in New York City.

Blabbelon is a free and private service that helps people gather and communicate using high definition voice quality. Blabbelon requires no software to download, install or configure, and runs entirely in the web browser of your choice on either Mac or PC. Blabbelon is ideal for video game enthusiasts, but also has tools that let the individual user talk with contacts in real-life.


If you want to communicate with someone to get a specific message across, there's no better way than to pick up the phone. But there are times when you just want to enjoy someone's company and shoot the breeze. Sure, you could go over and visit, but maybe you can't. Blabbelon makes it easy to connect and even easier to just hang out.


Blabbelon uses push-to-talk, which means that people take turns speaking by pressing a button on their keyboard. This works because people normally don't talk over each other, and enables Blabbelon to scale much easier than, say, the telephone. By scale, we mean the ability to allow 10's, 100's and even 1000's of users to simultaneously join, without a need for huge internet capacity. This means that you can be on Blabbelon with your many friends, family and professional contacts either one-on-one, or in groups – just the way you want it. What's great about Blabbelon is that you never have to "hang up" …keep Blabbelon running, than all you ever have to do is push a button and say "hello!"

I enjoy talking with my friends but is there any way I can surf the web while using Blabbelon?

Definitely, Blabbelon lets you set your push-to-talk key, then switch between software programs. Even if you aren't looking at the Blabbelon interface, any time your press the push-to-talk, you'll hear the comfort tone indicating your microphone is live. That means you can surf the web, type a letter, or check your email and still chat while Blabbelon runs in the background.

What's next for Blabbelon?

Well, you tell us! We have a constant brew of fresh ideas percolating in our labs. Everything from content sharing to interactive and cooperative games are coming down the pike. Make sure to sign up for upcoming news and release notes.

How does Blabbelon make money?

Right now it doesn't. Rather, we're focused on creating a top quality product; everything from the technology to the aesthetics and sound quality have been carefully analysed and built so you'll love it. We intend to always keep Blabbelon free to talk, and we have no plans to ever allow banner ads because our founder says they look yukky. But we've already been contacted be a variety of people who think Blabbelon could help industries like e-commerce and auctions, colleges, education and medicine.